New Attitude Senatorial & Gubernatorial Forum

New Attitude Television Show Inc. host several senatorial forum and Gubernatorial debate for election 2018.

From left to right New Attitude Televison Show Inc. Board President Pastor Kevin Hewitt, Democratic At Large Candidate Stacy January – Democrat, St. Croix Democratic Candidate Juan Servile Figueroa, St. Croix Republican Candidate Robert Moorehead, New Attitude Founder/ Executive Director Anastasia Rivers, Board Vice President, Attorney Chivonne Thomas


Seated from left to right, Gubernatorial Candidate Warren Mosler, Molito Smith , and Sorya Coffelt.Standing from left to right, Vice President/Moderator Attorney Chivonne Thomas, Educational Complex Student, Kyla Murray,Candidate for Lt. Governor, Fredrick Founder / Executive Director Anastasia Rivers,Political Analyst, Verdel Peterson and Candidate for Lt. Governor Dwight


From left to right Republican senatorial Candidate Liliana Belardo, Founder/ Executive Director Anastasia Rivers Anastasia Rivers,Independent Senatorial Candidate Genaveve Whitaker and Independent At Large Candidate Angel Bolques


From left to right New Attitude former member Daphine McIntoch Rodriguez, New Attitude Board President Pastor Kevin Hewitt, Democratic Senatorial Candidate Karen Chancellor Stx, Democratic senatorial Candidate Nemmy Jackson Stx, Democratic At-Large Candidate Steven Payne, Democratic Candidate Allison DeGazon Stx, Founder/ executive Director, Anastasia Rivers and Vice President Attorney Chivonne Thomas.


Pastor Hewitt blessing the opening of the senatorial forum with a prayer