New Attitude Support Group facility is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for registered clients, families, and caregivers. Ages 18 and older.

Events and Guest

New Attitude Talk Show Inc. features positive people as guests on the show and highlights outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations in the US Virgin Islands that impact the community in a positive way.

Lodging and Transportation

We will also identify lodging and transportation in time of need.

Staff and Volunteers

Our capable team will organize air and/or ground transportation to and from medical facilities on the mainland or locally. We will also facilitate lodging for off island travel when needed.


We will offer a variety of healthy meals and snacks for our clients. Featuring the cooking segment of our show.


We will serve smoothies and healthy snacks between meals.

Home Visit

Home visits & minor errands available for bedridden clients. (Hospice care not included.)

Salon & Barbershop

Free wash & set / hair cut for registered clients . Appointment required at Salon. Small donations from registered caregivers and family will be greatly appreciated.

Gift Shop & Catalog

Our gift shop provides a form of retail therapy for clients. Customers can place orders via our catalog for a wide variety of items including apparel and home goods. Most items on sale are made or design by our registered clients.

Game Area

Registered clients, caregivers and members will have access to our pool table as well as various games including dominoes, checkers, darts and more.


Our work shop will provide classes for various skills or hobbies to keep our clients engaged and active throughout their recovery process, as well as much needed information from various agencies and non profit organizations.


A portion of all fundraising proceeds will benefit our daily operations.


Our restroom includes a shower and handicap accommodation.