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Registered members of New Attitude Clients, caregivers or families, is guaranteed to receive first preference to receive services from New Attitude support group facility.

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Provide aide and support for registered clients with a team of qualified staff and volunteers that will assist during the recovery process.


Provide a peace of mind for registered clients, families, and caregivers.

Are you interested in helping others to overcome life challenges? Join our team and help us live up to our mission and accomplish our goals of providing aid, support, and peace of mind for registered clients, families, and caregivers. Our volunteers and staff are available to assist our clients.

New Attitude facility handbook is available with information about registration fees and will available during registration process.

Membership Registration

Client, Caregiver or Family Membership

Business Membership

Access to Our Facility

Only registered clients, caregivers and family are allowed on the premises during regular opening hours. Proof of COVID Vaccine is mandatory.

Proof of COVID Vaccine is mandatory

No Mask, No Entry

NO !! discount for food and drinks


Small donation welcome for Wash and set or haircut & wash appointment required.

A portion of your registration fee will also support the daily operations of New Attitude Support Group Inc.

Registered members have the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors. As New attitude board member you will assist with overseeing the organization’s activities, implementing policies, and raising funds to support our program.

If you are interested in becoming a member of New Attitude Television show inc. download the application here and email it to us at

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