Annual Events

La'Monique Berrios Amateur Bowling Tournament

For beginners only. Contact us to sign up for bowling classes to qualify.

La’Monique Berrios Amateur Bowling Tournament will benefit New Attitude bowling academy.

Lorraine Gibbs/Michelle Todmon - Hendricks Annual Gala Banquet Award

In Recognition of parents, educators, 1st responders, doctors, government employees, businesses, non profit organizations, and outstanding young men & women in our community. Including a New Attitude Humanitarian Award.

Holland Redfield Annual 4 Man Team Golf Tournament

Proceeds will benefit the daily operation New Attitude support group facility as well as equipment and supplies

Island Pride Beach Clean Up

Free food and refreshments for registered volunteers

Claude Petersen/Mahkeal Parris Amateur 8 Ball Tournament

For beginners only.

Claude Petersen/ Mahkeal Paris Amateur pool tournament ,will benefit New Attitude Bowling academy.

Stacie Shajang Annual Domino Tournament

Proceeds will benefit New Attitude Television Show and Bowling Academy

Crucian/Puerto Rican Cooking Competition

Proceeds will benefit funds to purchase a handicap mini bus.

Lavern Bates Annual Traditional Sweet Treat Competition for Ages 12-17

Proceed will benefit funds to purchase equipments and supplies for our facility.